Thoughts from our ATA family

This is such a wonderful family environment. Thank you all for all of your support inside and outside the studio.
Amanda C.
The McHenry's ATA Martial Arts Academy is the best in Clark County hands down. The mix of martial arts and character development gives kids the edge they need to be better students and better people. I have the utmost trust and faith in the McHenry's and their staff when my child is in their presence. Shout out to Ms. McCall as well.
John A.
Our 8 year old started about 6 months ago. Within this short time, we watched our son transform from uncoordinated spaghetti arms and legs to purposeful movements with self defense as the forefront of learning. The McHenry's and staff are fantastic teachers and mentors. They go beyond the training to ensure the kids understand how to be a good person, make good friends, have knowledge in the mind & strength in the body. Its not just for kids, this mom is convinced, I'm joining too!
Kelly P
We are really enjoying this studio. The kids have a new sense of discipline, self-confidence and self respect. They get a great work out and are learning great leadership skills

Tania M.

It's the best karate place ever. Everything about is awesome

Meraid H.

Awesome. Teachers there seem to love what they do. Friendly staff and clean studio. I love that all the McHenry family teaches together.

Kim M.


The McHenry's ATA is an awesome school!! The Instructors are caring and provide that one-on-one attention for the children. They helped my son overcome his social anxiety, both my son and daughter achieved their goal to be a 1st Black Belt!! 2nd Degree is next!!!

Jennifer M.

My 7 year old son earned his first stripe on his white belt on Monday. Not even a new belt...just one stripe, and he worked hard for it. I said, "I am SO PROUD OF YOU!" And he beamingly replied, "I am so proud of MYSELF." And that is why we'll be sticking around for awhile. :) It's a pretty neat thing to be part of ATA. Thank you!
Tifany M.
Thank you Master Dillow and Mrs. McHenry for all the awesome support you have provided for Julian, our family, and supporting Autism awareness!!

Rachel S.

I'm thankful for Mrs. McHenry who has become a great instructor for my son and has brought him so far in TKD..a true leader...Without you he would not have the confidence he has today.

Jessica J. 


One of the better Martial Arts studios I have been a part of. The instructors are awesome and they love what they do. They create a very family friendly environment. I would recommend this studio to any one whether they are looking for a good workout, or looking to learn self defense in multiple disciplines this is the place for you.

Chris A

Very good instruction and a family atmosphere at this school, one of the better ones in the city in my opinion. 
John N.

"Good evening.  First, I would like to say thank you very much for all the great support and help you have provided for me and my wife, as this is our first experience bringing our child to a martial arts class.  I would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. McHenry for the help and attention you both provided for my son Jaiden when he attended his first class Monday.  He was scared and nervous when he first entered the class and you both showed him sympathy and compassion, but also how to have fun!!!  So, thank you"

Mr. Michael D


Thank you so much for your time!  It was incredible to sit and observe the classes and feel the energy!  Nathan has changed so much already in such a positive way!  He is a good, sweet boy and it was hard for me to see how negatively bullying had impacted him.  I know right where he is at, for I was bullied as well.  To see him hold his chest up after his first class last Friday...words are not enough to express just how wonderful that is and how much it means!  Thank you.

Mrs. Kevie S.

Love the instructors, Krav Maga, great learning experience

Theresa A.

McHenry's is the perfect place for your child to grow physically as well as in self confidence and control! Mr. & Mrs. McHenry know what they're doing and are wonderful with the kids! ATA!!!!

Amber O.

If you are out in the NW Las Vegas, this is the best school. The McHenry's will teach and care for your child. Mrs. McHenry is the best!

Terri L.