Teens and Adults

Ages 12 and up

It's all about attitude!  If you have the right attitude, you can accomplish just about anything.  Our Teens Martial Arts program will help your son or daughter develop a confident, positive outlook on life while getting into great shape and learning valuable self-defense lessons.

If you're a parent of a teenager, you want your son or daughter to develop into a happy, healthy, responsible adult.  Teens face a wide variety of daily obstacles and not getting enough exercise can increase negative outlets, and sometimes a lack of self-discipline.  Even the best kids can find it challenging to cope with just one of many obstacles, let alone several of them.

That's exactly why we offer a specialized
classes that are designed to:

        Get your teen fit
        Strengthen self-worth and confidence
        Encourage a positive, enjoyable social activity,
and a way to meet friends with common goals
        Improve current agility and sportsmanship
        Teach effective self-defense, and when
         to walk away to stay safe
        Have them "lead by example" and become
         positive role models for other students

For Adults: If you're an adult wanting to learn martial arts and defense techniques, there is no better time to start then right now. 


Our Adult programs are built to teach you advanced martial arts skills, how to defend yourself properly, and get you fit for life. Classes are combined with some of the teen classes for optimum training opportunities. 

In class Adults can:

        Learn basic and advanced Taekwondo
        Learn how to properly
         defend themselves
        Get in shape, and stay that way
        Loose weight and gain flexibility
        and so much more!

Class types

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