Adult Classes

Ages 17+

Our Adult programs are built to teach you advanced martial arts skills, how to defend yourself properly, and get you fit for life. Classes are for persons 17 and up!

In class Adults can:

        Learn basic and advanced Taekwondo
        Learn how to properly
         defend themselves
        Get in shape, and stay that way
        Loose weight and gain flexibility
        and so much more!

Class types

Taekwondo - Learn traditional martial arts in the Korean style of  Tae Kwon Do. You will practice various kicks, punches, grabs, blocks, strikes, and jumping maneuvers as you hone your skills. This martial art is very dynamic and will work your cardio system very effectively. Sparring is also an activity that will energize you and build confidence all while getting into the best shape of your life. There are also various weapons to learn as a part of your training that will increase hand/eye coordination and will also challenge you as you progress towards earning your Black Belt.

Warrior XFit - Want a great work out?  Look no further. Come get fit as you train on punching bags, medicine balls, kettle bells, and whatever else we can throw at you. All to music to energize the scene and get you into shape while having a great time doing it. Working within a group setting always excites the desire to train and train harder. Enjoy getting and staying fit with us.

Krav Maga - To really get the facts on this program,
check it out at
Krav Maga Worldwide  

This program is a serious self defense course designed to give you a high level work out and most importantly, quickly and effectively train you in the most street wise self defense tactics you can learn anywhere. Come in to our academy and ask us anything you want.  We will happy to answer your questions.